What My Clients Say

Claudeth Henry: What an amazing experience I have had working with you

Words cannot adequately describe how satisfied I am with your work and guidance. I came to EMyth broken. Although I loved my profession, I did not like my job. I was making money, but exhausted. Worse yet, I couldn’t quit because I was the boss. You equip me with the tools needed to transform my mindset, my leadership skills and then build a business. I now know how to lead my company and help develop my employees into productive employees and the person they are meant to be. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs to develop themselves, their employee or their business because you pay very close attention to a person’s vision and help develop their full potential to reach their goal! You are really really good at what you do and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you over the past year. You have become my mentor my confidant and my friend. I will gladly refer you to my most valued friends and colleagues. Thank you again.
Claudeth Henry, CJ Henry Law

Marie Gambetta: EMyth has been educational, eye-opening. It has made us feel more empowered both in our business and in our personal lives.

Double thumbs up for Mary Rydman. Mary saved our business. We were ready to throw in the towel and she turned our business around. Now our business is a source of great joy and satisfaction to us. We have Mary and EMyth to thank for giving us the nuts and bolts of excellent business skills in all aspects: leadership, management, marketing, finance, etc. EMyth doesn’t lecture or preach. Instead, it draws out of us our best selves. It doesn’t hand us a fish, but teaches us to fish. Nothing is now stopping us from operating the business we were meant to run in the way we were meant to run it AND we are energized and uplifted by this business that, prior to EMyth and Mary’s Coaching, only dragged us down.

Marie Gambetta, Advanced Dental

Awoala Fredericks: I love what you teach.

EMyth Coaching with Mary has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I never knew business could be this simple. Confused, deluged and frustrated with the myriads of problems associated with running my own business, I came across a quote from Einstein: “A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness in which it occurs”. This understanding requires me to raise my level of consciousness, and in line with Newton’s first law of motion, an external force is required for that level of change. God bless Mary Rydman, an excellent EMyth Coach, for bringing me out of the delusion to a higher level of consciousness through the EMyth Business Development process. It is unarguably the most practical and comprehensive business development path, capable of giving even a blind dummy a bird’s eye view of business through the Seven Dynamics that form the foundation of my work on my business and on myself. Mary has enlightened me to a point that I wake up knowing how to better my business, how to take it to the next level.

Awoala Fredericks, Biddel Oil and Gas Ltd. Nigeria

LeeAnne Sera: Working with Mary on the ins and outs of my business has been a rewarding and insightful experience.

Through her calm demeanor and knowledge, she has been able to inspire and guide me towards building a better practice and taking back a better version of my life.  I needed her help in a practice transition that is still a work in progress, but now I have the tools to make it happen and she has been able to help me accomplish this so seamlessly!  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!  Thank you Mary!

LeeAnne Sera, DDS

Jeff Schneider: I believe any top performer needs to have a good coach.

Mary not only forces me to ask and answer the tough questions in my business, she also is highly trained and has a system or a curriculum designed to take my business from what I dream it could be and help me build it into exactly that. And it’s nice to have that person there that will (lovingly) crack the whip and hold you accountable. She recently helped nudge me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to let go of a client that was a serious time vampire and not playing by the rules (I had an emotional attachment to this client, we shared deep rooted core values) and it made such a big difference to my business. In fact we replaced that one client with 2 more within 4 weeks and are now making almost double the cash flow for the same amount of effort and energy. Obviously I can’t sing her praises enough. I believe any top performer needs to have a good coach.

Jeff Schneider, Marketing Ninjas *Click here to listen to Jeff’s story (in 2 parts)*

Justin Svatina: Working with Mary has radically changed my life and my business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Rydman through the E-Myth business coaching program back in April 2016.
At the time, I was a business owner who was constantly overwhelmed with technical work; I had built a fashion business around my creative talents and has a very hard time delegating things that I felt only I could do well. Coming into coaching, I was looking for some real practical strategies to help me evolve from a small business founder to a true business owner and leader.
Mary immediately helped me gain perspective, not only by working with me to form a clear vision for my business, but for my life. With that perspective and vision clarified, we then got down to some practical work and useful strategies to not only liberate myself from all the technical work I was holding on to, but to build a business that would thrive. This included systems development, management strategies, and much more.
Today, after 16 months of great work together, I feel like I am at an entirely different level as a business owner. Thanks to Mary’s guidance, my business has an incredible culture, a clear brand strategy, and a pathway to growth. She held me accountable, especially in tougher moments when I would slip back to some old habits.

I strongly recommend any business owner looking for a big picture view paired with real practical daily strategies to work with Mary for some real results.

Justin Svatina, Svatina, Inc